AdScape Paving

Here at AdScape we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard in all of our work.

All paving slabs regardless of the pattern in which they are laid, will be set down as shown in the diagram above.

The soil conditions can affect the depth to which the area would need to be excavated to, allowing for a deeper layer of compacted MoT Type1.

The Permeable Membrane provides a barrier between the compacted subsoil and the compacted MOT Type 1, preventing migration between the two layers. It also provides an element of strength to the courses above by allowing for better compaction of the sub base.

Depending on your preferred choice of jointing material, whether it is concrete or easy joint, the strength of the mortar course may need to be adjusted to allow for better permeability. All flags are laid to a full wet bed of mortar for maximum adhesion.

Once the flags have been tightly pointed and 'haunched' around the verge, the patio is now completely locked together.