AdScape Fencing

Fencing is one of our favoured areas of landscaping.

Working with different materials to construct your desired boundary in which to frame your garden requires consideration for the lay of the land, the height to which you can go and where the posts are able to be located.

With all of these points considered it may reveal certain restrictions with particular styles of fencing.

The two most common types are:

1, Post and Panel; The posts are spaced at 1.83m intervals, allowing for a standard size panel. Slotted concrete posts with concrete gravel boards provide a very strong and long lasting fence, with the option of choosing more decorative panels of your choice.

2, Feather Edge or Close Board; The posts are spaced at 2.4m intervals and then interlocked with the 4.8m cross rails before then tacking on the vertical boards, sitting on top of a 6" timber gravel board. Universal concrete posts provide very strong support for this style of fence, and where tree roots, footings or drains are present, the position of the posts can be manipulated to avoid any obstacles.

When deciding on the fence of your choice, please consider our prickly little friends the Hedgehog. For a family of hedgehogs to survive and find enough food they require an area the size of five average gardens. If we continue to put up boundaries between our gardens they will not have access to enough food to support their young, or to put on enough weight to get through the winter.

A simple hole discreetly cut in behind a shrub will encourage these nocturnal visitors to roam freely.